Holiday Special: 30% Off Easels

Holiday Special: 30% Off Easels

The Anatomy of an Easel

And 30% off All Easels

The easel, one of the most essential tools for painters and artists of all backgrounds. The word Easel itself means workhorse and is an integral part of every artists srudio.

And there is quite the variety of easels to choose from! There are studio easels, portable field easels, display easels, table top easels and childrens easels. And we’ve got them all this holiday season!

We have brought in a beautiful selection of all American made easels from the American Easel Company on the west coast in Oregon. Made with real American oak the easels are built to last and at a GREAT price! And we’ve brought in some unique ones as well…at 30% off!

Here is the Neskowin. A hard to find breed of Easel it is actually double sided! And can fit up to four painting at one time! Perfect for both studio and display use, it’s one of our favorites!

The Maestro is a large studio Easel. A real workhorse!

This is a great low priced starter easel! The Single Mast Studio Easel while simple can still hold very large canvases and work substrates.

This is the Glenenden. An economical A-Frame easel that’s easy to use and store!

And here is a great, reliable type of easel, the H-Frame Studio. With a square base and H-frame this work horse will keep steady for even the most aggressive painters!

We also have a variety of kids and table top easels to choose from! Just $20 and up and 30% off all month long! Just in time for the holidays!

Stop on by and shop local with us this holiday season!


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