That’s right…it’s Inktober…our favorite time of year. When all of the artists crawl out from their dark spaces and participate in this worldwide phenomenon! Whether you’re a diehard Inktober or Drawloween fan its a great time to participate on this drawing-a-day style event! Both Inktober and Drawloween have their own prompt lists that anyone and everyone can follow daily through the month of October. And to celebrate we have an annual sale coinciding with it!

Shop with us this month and save 25% off all inks! That includes anything from markers and pens to liquid inks and heck, we even have a few of those Chinese Ink sticks and Suzuri stones hanging around if you want to grind your own! But 25% off!

Prismacolor, Sharpies, Schaeffer and more, stop in and see! And share along on social media using hashtags #inktober, #inktober2019, #drawloween, #drawloween2019 and see what artists everywhere are posting!

It’s never to late to jump in and get in on the action!