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The Story of Rainy Day

Back in 1971, the Snows, a family who lived sort of behind me when I was growing up, started “The Rainy Day Company”. At that time, the eastside of Detroit had a couple of art stores, although Rainy Day was the closest. My dad was a hobby artist and he used to take me to Rainy Day to get paints and supplies so that we could do art together. Going to Rainy Day was always fun and sometimes a little intimidating. There were always these “cool, arty people” there who knew a lot about art and products.

All that “hobby” time with dad fostered a passion for art and was an inspiration to earn a BFA from the College for Creative Studies, majoring in illustration. My store of choice for supplies was always Rainy Day.

Rainy Day FireRainy Day used to fire pottery for customers and in an unfortunate turn of events, the kiln blew up one winter night in 1983, pretty much destroying the store. While it was being rebuilt, Rainy Day housed itself in the store that is now String Beads on Fleetwood.

The Snows sold their business to a company called Northwest Blueprint around 1985, who in turn collaborated with another company and became “Rainy Day/Creative World”, part of a citywide chain.

In 1992, Rainy Day was purchased by a company located in Madison Heights, Du-All Drafting & Art Supply, who added “Art Supply” to the Rainy Day name. The store ran under Du-All for over 13 years, when the owners decided to sell.

Having always been a Rainy Day customer, I usually knew when they were looking for help at the store. Having mentioned this to my husband about getting a part-time job, his response was “If you want to work there, you should own it”. Famous last words when I told him that the store was up for sale. The rest is history.

As a child, Rainy Day’s telephone number was only one digit different than my home phone number, so inevitably we would get wrong number calls at home for Rainy Day. Funny, the phone number here is still the same as it was 40 years ago. Thankfully, some things don’t change for the better.

We are proud to keep the Rainy Day tradition alive and well in Grosse Pointe Woods.
Please come visit us, whether you’re an artist or not. You will always receive the same, personable and reliable service that has been a part of this store’s heritage.

Our family looks forward to serving you

Lisa, Bob, Amy, & Kelly