Conservation Quality Framing: What does it mean?

Conservation Quality Framing: What does it mean?

Conservation Quality Framing

Say THAT ten times really fast!

We wanted to take a moment during this month of Framing Sales to talk about Conservation Quality Framing.

Sometimes you just need a quick fix, an inexpensive, ready-made, run of the mill frame to pop a quick photo in.  But sometimes you have those most cherished items you want to take care and to preserve, protect and display. In which case, you will need Conservation Quality Framing and a certified picture framer.

So what is Conservation Quality Framing?

Extra steps will be taken and special materials will be used to safe-guard your piece . You will choose from thousands of our frame samples, finding the right frame for your piece. Depending on the piece, the best method of mounting will be yours to choose. Paper pieces could be hinge mounted, dry mounted or stitch mounted using archival mount boards and adhesives. Conservation glass is the best options to help block out those pesky rays of sunshine. This ultra protective glass is a staple for custom framing – it’s tried and true, standing the test of time, safeguarding the personal mementoes and works of art on consumers walls everyday for years to come and blocks up to 99% of UV rays!

Finally, your piece will be protected on the back with a tightly adhered dust cover. And our seal of approval to finish it off on the back.

So stop in today and let our certified picture framers help you!

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