Beginner’s Portrait Painting In Oils

With: Anne Garavaglia

Tuesdays: 6pm to 745pm. $120 per student. Some supplies needed. Teens and Adults at Beginners level.

October 8th – November 12th

Learn to paint with oils in this workshop that will enrich your skills and expose you to valuable techniques and familiarize you with the medium to help you create portrait paintings in oil.   We are painting from Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring.” Students will mix a specific palette and paint quickly to emphasize the importance of basic light, shadow and shapes – the fundamentals of a good painting.  Course provides the foundation for beginning artists who wish to get started in the pursuit of learning to paint in oils.

  • Comfortable classroom setting with plenty of natural lighting
  • Low student/teacher ratio
  • Focused and supportive atmosphere
  • Teacher demonstration and helpful instruction while you work

Access:  Teen and older,  beginner skills

List of Supplies:

11 x 14 primed canvas (canvas board is fine!)


Kneaded eraser

Oil tubes: Ivory black, yellow ochre, cad red light, flake or titanium white

Liquid and a small pallet cup to hold it

Gamsol or odorless turpentine 4 – 8 oz.

Brush washer

Brushes : Winsor Newton University brushes. Bright size 8, Round size 6, round size 2

Palette knife (triangular, smooth edges)

Palette pad paper

Masterson palette box

Paper towels

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