Rock Out This Summer!

Rock Out This Summer!

We had SO much fun last summer! So much fun with Rocks! Our community took part in an area wide rock hunt! It was exciting to say the least!

It felt like everyone was able to get in on the action! Adults and children alike were finding, painting and hiding treasures all over the Pointes and St. Clair Shores. Each day brought new surprises and fun and kept us on our toes hunting everywhere for the little hand-decorated gems!

We even had a few workshops for Rock Painting that were a hit!

We’re hoping that as the school year winds down and summer revs up that the community will again come together  for another fun summer of rock sharing!

Dont forget: you can use ALL SORTS of stuff to decorate your rocks! Acrylic paints, Sharpie markers, paint pens, gel pens, decoupage and more! Stop in at the store and we will be happy to assist you!

We’re planning on participating with our own rocks again too! We’ll be hiding these rocks in the surrounding communities again, find them and earn yourself free paints and brushes or discounts on classes and workshops and even a half day Free for our Art Camp!

So keep your eyes peeled in and around the Pointes and surrounding communities! You never know what you might find!



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