We offer professional quality framing to showcase and preserve your most treasured works of art, documents or memorabilia. With hundreds of moulding and mat samples to choose from, it can be a bit daunting. 

If you have never had something "custom" framed, you might feel a bit intimidated or confused about where to start. Let us take you step by step through the framing process and you will see that there is nothing to fear at all. In fact, it can be fun!

  • Bring whatever items you would like to have framed to our framing counter at the back of the store. Please, ring the bell! 
  • One of our friendly framing experts will greet you. 
  • After looking at the piece that you want to have framed, we may talk to you about your tastes, your preferences, decor and where the piece will hang. 
  • Based on your responses, we will then choose frame and mat samples that will be appropriate and ask for thoughts and opinions. 
  • We will narrow our selections down to what you like and what will look best.